sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

About sun and water

I remember when I
was a little boy
and I used to sit there
in front of my window
looking outside at that beautiful
I was about 7
or 8
and I'd watch
that sunset
every late afternoon
with the smell
of fresh beans coming
from downstairs.
So I'd feel this great peace
coming to my soul.
And as I grew older I stayed there
- not in the window -
but in the park benches
in front of the lake,
fulling my heart with booze
or madness,
hanging out with bums
like a bum.
But - from time to time -
I$'d remember
that window
and that sun
and that smell.
So I'd forget
the pot, booze
pain, love
unlove, work,
classes fucking everything
all around me.

That lake
- I know -
is filthy,
as filthy as it goes,
but I drank
its water
my whole
I still can feel
That hot water
with that wonderful

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